MI-HSB-150 - High Strength Bus Insulator

Meister International

In addition to offering the highest-quality porcelain A20 & A30 bus insulators, Meister International supplies high-strength porcelain bus insulators where higher mechanical strength is required. These high-strength porcelain bus insulators are used by switchgear, power transformer and bus duct manufacturers where reliability and ‘uptime’ is paramount.

High strength porcelain bus insulators are offered for the following voltage classes:

• 15kv/110kv BIL

• 25kv/125kv BIL

• 24-34.5kv/150kv BIL

High-strength porcelain bus insulators are used to support copper bus-bars and the insulators have hot-dipped galvanized steel inserts for durability and ease of installation.

For additional information on Meister International’s products, including the high-strength porcelain bus insulators, please contact us by phone at 513.923.2712 or by email at sales@meisterintl.com