Porcelain Switch Post Insulators - Stud Type


Meister International now distributes switch post insulators specifically designed for outdoor in-line switches and distribution switches. These are also used for hook-stick operated disconnect switches and cabinet mounting of fuses.

These are manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of ANSI C29.9. The switch insulators are solid core with hot-dipped galvanized steel hardware on each end of the insulator.

The switch post insulators distributed by Meister International have two 3/8”-16 captive mounting bolts on a 2-1/4 inch bolt circle on each end. These switch post insulators are available with the studs in line with each other from end to end or 90 degrees opposed from end to end.

Meister Intl Part # Studs Height (in.) BIL (kV)
6038AX 90 degree 6-3/4 95
6037AX In line 6-3/4 95
6036AX 90 degree 8 110
6035AX In line 8 110
6034AX 90 degree 10 150
6033AX In line 10 150

Drawings are available (click on the part #) for each of these switch insulators and they are in stock for immediate shipment.

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