High Quality Porcelain Insulators Offer Top Performance for Many Applications

With over 25 years experience in the global electric power industry, Meister International has been distributing porcelain insulators and porcelain bushings for more than 7 years, successfully meeting the demands of our customers with unparalleled quality and service. We serve industries around the world, and our satisfied customers include large utilities, bus-duct packagers, high-voltage switchgear and transformer manufacturers, repair shops and others.

Meister International is a full-line supplier of:

• Porcelain line post insulators
• Station post insulators
• Porcelain standoff insulators
• A-20 bus insulators
• A-30 bus insulators
• Porcelain transformer bushings
• Circuit-breaker and custom manufactured bushings
• Porcelain Capacitor Bushings
• Porcelain spool insulators

The Meister Advantage:

Avoid the frustration of long lead times and high prices for porcelain insulators and bushings by taking advantage of our stocking agreements that lower your on-hand inventory, guarantee supply chain continuity, and shorten lead times of finished goods.

We distribute products manufactured by leading porcelain manufacturers. These high quality porcelain insulators are designed, manufactured and tested per ANSI standards. A-20 and A-30 insulators are assembled using Portland cement to prevent loose inserts. Indoor standoff insulators are constructed of the highest quality wet porcelain to provide reliable, long life. Our station post insulators offer maximum economy as well as trouble-free service, and are rated 95kV BIL through 2050kV BIL for operating voltages from 7.5kV to 1100kV. Station post insulators meet or exceed all ANSI standards in electrical or mechanical ratings for their voltage class.

Among the exceptional features of Meister porcelain insulators are resistance-graded porcelain, improved contamination performance, improved RIV performance, solid-core construction, puncture proof bodies, consistent mechanical strength, radio / TV interference-free, choice of semi-conductor glazes, and above all, durability.

Porcelain Insulator Applications

Porcelain insulators are used for a wide variety of applications due to their high resistance to the passage of electricity (also known as conductivity). Also known as electrical ceramics or ceramic insulators, porcelain insulators provide insulation in situations where high temperature or high voltage is present.

The first electrical systems to make use of insulators were telegraph lines, because direct attachment of wires to wooden poles was found to give very poor results, especially during damp weather.

Porcelain holds its shape and size under pressure. This is important in switching applications where the insulator is used to open and close electrical contacts in a thermostat or pressure switch. Porcelain is very abrasion resistant and offers long life in applications where other materials would wear out quickly.

High voltage insulators are also able to resist heat, chemicals, weather and bacteria without allowing them to affect their properties or alter their structure, and also offer dimensional stability and rigidity.

Ceramic insulators also have many applications in the foundry and refractory industries because they can withstand thermal shock, even molten metal, and still maintain their rigidity. The aerospace, automotive, marine, medical and transportation industries often use ceramic insulators for various purposes as well.

Insulators used for high-voltage power transmission are made from glass, porcelain, or composite polymer materials. Although glass has a higher dielectric strength, it attracts condensation and the thick irregular shapes needed for insulators are difficult to cast without internal strains. Some insulator manufacturers stopped making glass insulators in the late 1960s, switching to porcelain materials instead. Composite insulators are less costly, lighter in weight, and have excellent hydrophobic capability; however, these materials do not yet have the long-term proven service life of porcelain.

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High Quality Porcelain Insulators Offer Top Performance for Many Applications

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