Line Post Insulator

For nearly a decade, Meister International has been serving customers in the global electric power community. They distribute only the highest quality porcelain insulators and porcelain bushings to large utilities, bus duct packagers, high-voltage switchgear and transformer repair shops and more.

Meister supplies three line post insulators: Clamp Top Post Insulators, Tie Top Post Insulators and NE Post Insulator "F" Neck Type. All are rated with a strength ranging from 25-66kV and are manufactured and tested to the requirements of current ANSI standards.

Designed for both durability and longevity, line post insulators supplied by Meister outperform non-ceramic insulators – NCI’s. Plus, the glaze coating on the exterior of the insulator keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering, requiring little, if any, maintenance. They provide years of service in the most unforgiving environments, such as extreme cold and heat, seismically active areas and corrosive situations such as seaside and petrochemical facilities. Sourced from only the finest manufacturers, their high-quality porcelain ensures operation at the desired voltage often beyond the 40 to 50-year expected service life of the insulator.

Manufacturers, packagers, and distributors of switchgear, power transformers, gensets and bus-duct continue to use porcelain electrical insulators over epoxy, silicone, and psycloalaphatic designs. Because they are nearly indestructible, utility engineers and consultants continue to specify porcelain insulators for their key switchyard projects.
These factors result in less downtime, maintenance and expense – making Meister the quality source for porcelain insulators.

The manufacturing process of high-quality porcelain insulators does take time, and to directly address this problem, Meister maintains an inventory of industry-standard insulators from only the best suppliers. They also offer stocking agreements so your production process doesn’t incur outages or downtime.

To request a quote or for additional information on Meister International Line Post Insulators or any of their world-class porcelain insulators and bushings, visit their website at or call 513.923.2712.


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